Search for pervey woman in Copenhagen

Police forces round Europe are searching for a mystery woman who spent three nights at a top Copenhagen hotel -- without paying a penny.

Officers were alerted to the incident after a cleaner in the hotel spotted a woman sneaking out of a bedroom on 24 September.

They believe that the woman is from Germany and goes under the secret name of "Mrs Pervey".

"I was trying to get into the room to clean up after the guest had left when I saw a strange woman trying to leave," said Margrethe Bohr, 39, head cleaner at the IBIS Triton Hotel in the Danish capital. "She had a dodgy look on her face and seemed to be in a rush to get out as fast as she could."


International police forces around the world have now been alerted to the incident and a major Europe-wide search is now underway.

Attention is focusing on the city of Munich, where under-cover agents tracking the mystery woman have spotted her entering a flat on the Belgradstrasse. She was also seen on the balcony eating croissants with a man in pervey boxer shorts before speeding off on a moped to a cinema in the city.

"Our chief suspect is a Mrs Katja Pervey who fits the description of the mystery woman very well," said Heinz Oberhummer, chief of police in Bavaria. "We have followed her movements over the past four weeks and believe we have found our culprit."

Apart from staying free in the hotel, the woman is believed to have eaten THREE free breakfasts, including SIX boiled eggs, SEVEN bread rolls and EIGHTEEN slices of cheese. "She just barged her way in and started eating loads of food," said Chu Mai Kok, one of the hotel's breakfast staff. "She had a dodgy look on her face and sat next to a man who went under the name of Durrani".

Pervey is believed to have fooled police initially by heading to the city of Aarhus where she remained in hiding in a bungalow in the middle of nowhere for three days.

But DNA fingerprinting of a pervey hotdog on the train back to Copenhagen gave the police the clues they were after.

The sentence for not paying hotel bills in Denmark is a minimum of three days at Richmond Terrace Prison in England.