Easter 2002 London - Oxford - Stratford - Birmingham


A week travelling around some of Britains top areas. There are some missing though in the pictures, like Blenheim palace and Woodstock.   It was once again a great trip. It seemed longer then a week, yet of course it was over too soon..


Our new flat near tower bridge!

Mat with his neice and nephew, Zoe and Gregory

With Eliott

"Uncle Mat - ask me football questions!"


Christ college

V. indecent behaviour



Rowing a boat with Mat and 8-year-old Andy was quite a challenge. As I crossed the river in a sequence of
S-turns, the young passenger didn`t leave much doubt as to what he was thinking of my rowing style:

"I`ve never ever felt so insecure in my life." "I´d rather be in the water then in this boat." "I`d not recommend you to go on a sailing trip in your holidays. Honestly, I wouldn`t recommend that "


  BIRMINGHAM At the canals